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NU Jugglers warm
Homecoming 2001

by Mark Wilkening
Friday, October 19, 2001

NU Jugglers Mark Wilkening, Matt Holland, and Dan Dixon "warm-up" before their show (Someone should really be fired. Who writes this stuff?), engaging in one of the most dreadful, loathsome, and unrequited forms of humor known to man... the visual pun.

The NU Alumni Champions Club opened its doors to the public with demonstrations from the NU Juggling Club, the Cornhusker Pep-band, the Scarlet and Cream Singers, and the NU Yell Squad.

Molly the Trolley was also on hand to give campus tours, especially of the Homecoming lawn displays.

The NU Jugglers were joined by some of the Lincoln City Jugglers. They gave juggling demonstrations and offered workshops in basic juggling skills throughout their commission at the Champions Club. Many people became jugglers, despite themselves!

The evening was perfect. At the foot of Memorial Stadium we all had a good time of Husker fellowship.

The NU Juggling Club looks forward to Homecomings yet to come.