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Lincoln City Jugglers





The Lincoln City Jugglers, as well as, many other Nebraskan jugglers are members of the 'I Think It Rolled Under The Couch: A Nebraska Juggling Club. The Club is an International Jugglers Association Affiliate.

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One of the patriarchs of the Lincoln City Jugglers. Patricks hosts the best juggling festival parties in all the land! Also, knows a lot about the IJA.
Top maker and creater of the moving mushroom trick! Rick is one of the Godfather's to the Lincoln juggling scene.
Last seen juggling ... a whole bunch of things! Adam and Dale are club regulars. Adam is moving through the tricks of the trade at light speed. Keep your eyes posted for new and exciting juggles from this promising clubbee.
Joined the juggling club a few years back and has since risen to local fame and fortune. He is a "top" juggler of the world...just ask him! He even makes his own slack rope!
A five club juggler and honorary member of the Throwing Picassos Juggling Troupe! Shane is a huge supporter of the local juggling clubs (even when not at club juggling). Without all his support the club websites would not be possible!
JIM 's 
Creator of diabolotricks.com, Jim is one of the best teachers of any trick he knows. In fact, he may be one of the best teachers for tricks he doesn't know! All I know is that Jim teaches really cool tricks - in all areas of juggling. 
A happy juggler/diaboloist/yo-yoer. Also soon to be known by the Irish as a great handball player. Quite a guitar player also.
Known by many for his pogo stick juggling. Grainger works on many props and also is a very good artist. The first time he juggled clubs he was in fourth grade and didn't drop, just kept going and going, and still is. He has witnesses!
Whether a band is playing in the bandshell or not whenever Bailey is juggling is a musical moment. She's learning club passing and soon will be "passing" the rest of us up we think!
She learned to juggle ages ago. Always on hand with a cheerful smile and often brings along a partner in crime or two with her to the club. Shanda has earned the honorary title: j.Club Recruiter! =)
Last rumored to be juggling in a green shirt. He's developed this camoflauge as a technique many newer jugglers have adapted for use at the park, to blend in to the surroundings undeteccted, whilst learning new tricks.
A park regular, Robert seems to always be trying to learn something new. He's a big supporter of those willing to try new things!