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Quick Contact Info

NU Juggling Club

University of Nebraska
Student Involvement
200 NU, CC (0456)
Lincoln, NE 68588

e: nujugglingclub@graffiti.net
tele: (402)435-1142

2000 World Yo-Yo Champion. Jon Gates was the original founder of the NU Juggling Club. Though the club went inactive for a few years before it's current reformation. He currently tours the world competing, demonstrating, and enjoying the world of Yo.
Last known to be in New York City. He freqently juggles in Central Park. An architectural scholar, he'll someday have a graduate degree in this field. He likes films too, the kind they put on movie screens not the kind that collects on the inside of fish tanks.
An engineering major. He has the biggest torches in all Lincoln. He's been with the juggling club since the early years.
Gone to graduate school in mathematics. Has been dropping in to the annual Flatland Juggling Festivasl since he's been gone. He is currently working on unicycling and club passing, and wants to learn contact juggling.
Miembro en el pasado de los NU malabaristas. He now back in Chicago, studying law. He's also an enthusiast of poetry slam!
Originally from Ecuador! He just got his masters degee in Agricultural Economics and is currently in Miami (probably juggling oranges).
We are lucky enough to have dug up some rare photographs of Dan proposing marriage to Shamene. the pics show the before and after responses. Click on each for a larger image. All of us at the juggling club sincerely hope Dan recovers soon, physically and emotionally, from nearly being drown in the fountain.