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Quick Contact Info

NU Juggling Club

University of Nebraska
Student Involvement
200 NU, CC (0456)
Lincoln, NE 68588

contact the club president for more information.

e: ssday@bigred.unl.edu
tele: not publicly available

The President of the NU Juggling Club. She's the one that makes everything happen. She thinks "trombones are sexy" likes to juggle alligators, went to DisneyWorld everyday as a kid, and studies rocks. She came to UNL just because it had a juggling club!
His smile is contagious and he's a big fan of Indain food. We're waiting for the day that he combines jugglery with the art of Indian cooking. If you're looking for an enthusiastic beanbag or exercise ball passing partner, Ami is your man.
He is the man to thank for our new temporary winter housing at Othmer Hall. He's one of the most regular members of the club when he isn't traveling all over the world. Are you passing 9 yet Saby?
Well grounded in the genre of contact juggling, she pops in and out of club, with an air of cheer and merriment.
He juggles particles around in physics labs most of the time. Also, the NU Club Treasurer. Poetry in motion he puts a lot of movement into keeping passing alive!
English major, NU Juggle Web caretaker, and lover of atomic fireballs, he's been a member of the NU Juggling club since it's reformation in 1996. He currently performs with the Throwing Picassos juggling troupe.
A marketing major. He was previously a member of Omaha's juggling club. He has been juggling for 9 years and unicycling for 13. New to the Lincoln juggling scene, he plans to expand on his unicycling as well as knock the dust off some of his juggling props.
Majoring in computer science. He started unicycling six years ago. His family formed the Ringsmuth Riders, a unicycling group appearing in parades throughout Nebraska and Minnesota. He met up with the NU Jugglers in 2001.