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"I Think it Rolled Under the Couch" - is the official club name for the Jugglers of Omaha and Lincoln areas. Also, they now have multiple clubs to serve you!
Lincoln City Jugglers - established early in the 1980's this club is still going strong. During the winter they meet regularly with the NU Juggling Club. In the summer they migrate near the Antelope Park Bandshell.
I-net Juggling DababaseInternet Juggling Database - a newer juggling related site, updated regularly with new juggling articles and information. This is a place where the juggling community can congregate and communicate.
performers.net - information about street and traditional performing. Jugglers such as Robert "the Butterflyman" Nelson frequent the bulletin boards. Jim of "The Jim Show", is the creator.
diabolotricks.comwww.diabolotricks.com - Jim from Lincoln, created this resource for people to learn about almost anything diabolo related. His animations make learning new tricks very straight forward. Nearly 200,000 visitors since the site opened in 1999.
Juggling Information Service - a vault of information about juggling. Searchable and archived articles, magazines, photo/video galleries, and more are likely to have the answer to your questions about juggling.