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By Mark Wilkening

On a fanciful fall Friday, Nov. 2, Michael Moschen performed his dazzling object manipulations at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

I learned that before Lied performances, guest speakers tell interested audience members about the performance they will see. Pre-talks take place at 7 pm in the Steinhart Room of the Lied Center (off the ticket lobby) and last precisely 20 minutes.

For the Moschen Performance, Shane Geiger and Jeff Dixon, accomplished members of the Lincoln juggling clubs, were invited by Lied Center Executive Director, Charles Bethea, to give brief demonstrations on the elements of juggling. Both were familiar with Moschen's artistry. Both were honored to guest lecture at the Lied before Moschen's performance.

Shane opened the presentation with an introduction of Moschen's accomplishments in the field of contact juggling. He included an obligatory mention of the MacArthur Genius Grant Moschen recieved for his accomplishments as an artist. Shane then showcased some of his own contact juggling skills by demonstrating a classic move, the head roll.

Jeff bounce juggled five silicone balls, then gave an awesome display of seven ball juggling in the air.

Shane and Jeff finished up with some club passing, along with their concluding oratory spin on some of the technical dimensions of juggling. The audience flung them a few questions afterwards.

One woman introduced herself as a local artist. She asked Jeff why he choose the striking neon pink bouncing balls used during his demonstration. Shane immediately chimed in with the answer, "It's to help hide the strings." A cascade of laughs were thrown his way for the wit.

Many of the jugglers at the show, including Shane Geiger, Lucas Sabalka, Jeff Dixon, Tessa Matthews, and Amber Sayers had the opportunity to meet Michael Moschen and have some conversation with him afterwards. Each was amazed by the imaginative performance.

(From Left) Shane Geiger, Lucas Sabalka, Michael Moschen, and Jeff Dixon