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of nebraska
juggling club
Jon Gates, World Champion Top Spinner

Reformed 1995
Corey Hoelker, IJA Silver Medalist 1993

Since it's inception, the NU Juggling Club has been dedicated to promoting the juggling arts amongst jugglers and laypersons alike.

Every odd calendar year Lincoln hosts the Flatland Juggling Festival, a free event that the general public is always encouraged to attend. Jugglers from all over the midwest gather there to share thier skills, join in fellowship, and teach juggling to any non-jugglers who show up.

The festival is funded by money raised each year by the Lincoln City Jugglers, the Omaha Juggling Clubs, and the NU Juggling Club. Many of these funds come from contributions organizations have made to the clubs in reciprocation for juggling performances, demonstrations or lectures.

The club recently recieved a grant from the Lincoln Arts Council to teach juggling to inner city youth. Through funding provided by the grant and contributions of many of the NU Jugglers own time, money, and resources, the club has been empowered to give away sets of beanbags on occassions when members feel the gift will be recieved by an interested person with promising interest or skills in juggling.

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This organization shall be known as the UNL Juggling Club.


The purpose of the UNL Juggling Club shall be to:

a. Teach juggling to anyone who wishes to learn.
b. Share juggling ideas, tricks, and methods with other jugglers.
c. Promote juggling events, such as National Juggling Day, the Flatland Juggling Festival, etc.


a. Eligibility

This organization does not discrimininate in the selection of members or appointments when discrimination is defined as denying individuals membership or appointment on the basis of a person's age, race, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, handicap or place of residence.

b. Method of selecting members:
Anyone who wants to learn juggling, or anyone who wants to meet with other jugglers to practice juggling, is a candidate for the UNL Juggling Club.

c. A student organization shall consist of at least five currently enrolled student members. Non-students will be allowed to participate in any student organization activity, but will not be a voting member, or an elected or appointed officer of said organization. A non-student is someone who is not currently enrolled at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Fall or Spring semester.


a. Current Officers:

Main Feeder: Jeff Dixon
First Feedee: David Schmitter
Book Balancer: Matt Holland
Advisor: David Swanson, PhD

b. Duties
1. The Main Feeder shall be responsible for securing practice space for the club and arranging a weekly schedule of club meetings.
2. The First Feedee shall be responsible for keeping a current record of club members, and distributing said record to other members. Also, should the Main Feeder be unable to fulfill his/her obligations, these obligations shall fall to the First Feedee until such time as a new Main Feeder shall be choosen.

c. All officers shall be active members of the UNL Jugglin Club. The selection of the Officers shall be by a mojority vote of the members of the club. The Officers shall serve a one year term, at which time new Officers shall be voted on.
d. Should an Officers' position become open, a replacement shall be chosen by the club members by majority vote.


a. All advisors must be Academic/Administrative or Managerial Professional faculty staff of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
b. The advisor shall be selected for his/her interest in juggling.
c. The advisor shall continue in this capacity for a term of 3 (three) years, at chich time he/she may be renominated.


a. There are no dues or fees to belong to the UNL Juggling Club.
b. Organizational monies will be handled by the Student Organization Financial Servicies, regardless of source.


a. Any amendments to this constitution must be ASUN approved.


This constitution shall be effective November 5, 1995.